What is Hemorrhoids?

What is hemorrhoids? (Or more commonly phrased what are hemorrhoids?)

When you think about it, the human body is a pretty amazing piece of workmanship. Actually, any kind of life which can take in substances which it is then able to digest and make use of to sustain life is pretty amazing.

Whether you believe it was created, or just randomly happened, the human body’s ability to ingest food and break it down into useful compounds which can help it sustain life and not so useful but still necessary compounds which are then expelled is an ability that I don’t want to be without!

what is hemorrhoids

The question what is hemorrhoids can be answered by understanding a little bit about how that system works.

Hemorrhoids is a condition that develops within the lower part of the digestive tract when some of the miraculous machinery in there begins to fail. Because everyone has the same structure to their bodies, it means that all of us can be the victims when things aren’t working right.

It just has to do with whether or not your body is made to endure the types of excessive strain on the lower digestive tract that make this failure happen.

Lots of different things are thought to contribute to the stresses that trigger the formation of hemorrhoids, but one of the biggies is constipation.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

When the rectum and anal canal are subjected to increased pressure from straining to have a bowel movement, or from heavy lifting, or even because of genetic weakness, the mucosal lining and blood vessels that help the stool move smoothly through the anal canal become damaged and can become inflamed and droop away from the wall.

These swollen and damaged areas of the rectum and anal canal are called hemorrhoids. They can form either internally or externally but both types are the result of damaged or weakened tissue. When hemorrhoids form externally, there is usually a very tender and painful black and bluish lump where the blood is pooling.

hemorrhoids diagram

Internal hemorrhoids give very few clues as to their existence except for the presence of blood. Blood coming from the damaged area sometimes appears on the stool or on the wipe. In severe cases internal hemorrhoids may even protrude outside the anal canal. An additional common symptom is for there to be some itching inside or outside the anal canal.

Hemorrhoids is not the only reason that there may be blood present, so it would be prudent to see your doctor to determine what the source of the bleeding is.

Hemorrhoids Cure

The question what is hemorrhoids may also lead you to ask if anything can be done to make the situation go away, and to wonder if anything can be done to keep them from forming in the first place.

Both are good questions and both can be answered with a Yes!

The single most effective thing you can do to both ease the pain of hemorrhoids that are present, and to ensure that they don’t form again is to make certain that your diet includes an adequate amount of dietary fiber.

Fiber is not just for old people. Your body needs it to perform the housecleaning duties that are necessary in the digestive tract. The benefits adequate dietary fiber intake in your diet are well documented and are worthy of you attention.

You can find more information about dietary fiber on our what is dietary fiber page.

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