Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Why Laser Surgery?

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids may seem like overkill but when you understand how effective they are in surgery you will know why they are used.

A surgical laser uses an intensely hot beam of light that is precisely focused to remove or vaporize tissue. It can also be used to control bleeding and is highly versatile and useful for a wide variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Among other things, a surgical laser can be used to:

Cut away or destroy abnormal or diseased tissue while leaving healthy normal tissue unharmed.

Shrink or remove lesions or tumors.

Seal up or cauterize blood vessels to prevent excessive blood loss.

Initially lasers were used in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye.

Because the tissues of the eye are thin and transparent, ophthalmologic surgeons had a clear view of exactly where the very fine beam of concentrated light was being placed.

Dermatology was another area where laser surgery was pioneered. Many of the early surgical techniques and procedures were developed and improved by dermatologic surgeons.

Types of lasers used

For medical treatment there are three types of lasers that are most often used:

Argon laser.

Where limited penetration is required such as superficial skin disorders and eye surgery this laser is the tool of choice. It involves the use of light sensitive dyes in a process called photo-dynamic therapy to shrink and or dissolve tumors.

Neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser.

(Referred to as Nd:YAG)

This laser is capable of penetrating deeper than other lasers and makes blood clot more quickly. It can also be used to see and work on parts of the body that would otherwise require more invasive surgery.

Carbon Dioxide Laser.

Used mostly for surgery, this laser uses heat converted from light energy that is hot enough vaporize tissue while minimizing bleeding as it cuts through it’s target.

These tools are often referred to as scalpels of light and can be used in combination with other surgical instruments to make the procedures more effective.

Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids?

Surgeons who are skilled in the use of laser light can with pinpoint accuracy simply vaporize or excise the unwanted hemorrhoid tissue.

Because of its infinitely small beam of light, the laser can with unequaled precision accomplish the removal of the tissue while providing rapid unimpaired healing.

Laser treatment is by nature therapeutic as it seals off nerves and small blood vessels as the procedure is done. A virtually bloodless environment is produce for the surgeon to work in, often allowing the treatment to be done more rapidly.

For the patient, the result is less post operative pain and minimal discomfort, less medication is required, and a hospital stay is generally not needed.

Successful results and Satisfaction have been shown to be in the high 90 percent range in patient studies.

For someone facing the need to have hemorrhoid tissue removed, laser surgery for hemorrhoids offers some of the best possible outcomes.

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