How to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Knowing how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids is easy if you know for sure where the blood is coming from. However, when it comes to bleeding from the anus or rectum (known medically as hematochezia) it becomes very important to be sure you have the exact answer to that question.

The reason for that is because there are numerous places within the digestive tract that could be the source of the blood that is visible at the anus.

Here is just a partial list of some of the sources within the GI tract where blood could be coming from:

Stomach Cancer

Stomach Ulcer

Colon Cancer

Colon polyps

Anal Fissures




Ulcerative Proctitis

stop bleeding hemorrhoids

The quantity of blood that may pass through the anus also varies widely depending on where it is coming from. Along with differing volumes of blood, there is also a difference in the color which is determined by where it originated.

Generally speaking, the further up in the tract it is coming from, the darker it will be. Usually blood coming from somewhere in the descending colon, or the rectum and anal canal will tend to be brighter red because it hasn’t been subjected to the digestive processes for as long.

If you are seeing bright red blood, the chances are good that it is coming from the lower part of the GI tract, which could mean hemorrhoids.

Many times the bleeding is mild and will stop on its own. For cases of mild bleeding a visit to the doctor’s office may be required to evaluate and treat the bleeding, but seldom is hospitalization needed.

Moderate to severe bleeding would be indicated by passing larger quantities of bright red blood or dark maroon colored blood which may be mixed with the stool or in clots.

This passing of larger amounts of blood can sometimes happen repeatedly within a relatively short period of time coinciding with bowel movements, or in a single instance.

This level of blood loss can quickly deplete the supply of blood in the body resulting in dizziness, weakness, low blood pressure and even fainting. Seldom is there sufficient blood loss to result in shock to the body.

Hospitalization is required to evaluate and treat this type of blood loss.

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Many of the milder cases of bleeding from the anus are indeed caused by hemorrhoids and can be addressed by learning how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids.

The following suggestions are listed in order of speed of relief with the first two being for temporary relief of pain and discomfort but not really doing anything to cure hemorrhoids or keep them from recurring.

Ice pack (immediate)

Amazingly one of the simplest and most effective ways to get some relief quickly from the bleeding, pain and swelling associated with hemorrhoids is to use an ice pack. Wrapped in a thin cloth and applied to the surface of the inflamed area, ice can numb and anesthetize the swollen tissue and constrict the vessels that are bleeding.

natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Sitz bath (immediate)

Alternating ice pack treatment with a warm sitz bath can help to strengthen and elasticize the vessels and reduce or stop the bleeding.

natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Herbal Formulations (longer term)

Hemorrhoid creams and herbal combinations can be an effective way to get some help in reducing swelling and controlling inflammation of hemorrhoids.

These are available over the counter and online. Click HERE to go to our resources page for a categorized list of proven helps.

stop bleeding hemorrhoids

Dietary Fiber Intake (longer term)

One of the most beneficial things you can do to help repair and rejuvenate the tissues in the rectum and anal canal is to increase the level of dietary fiber that you consume to the levels recommended by nutrition experts everywhere.

high fiber diet plan

That would be somewhere between 25-35 grams per day depending on your age and gender. Visit our High Fiber Diet Plan page for more help with dietary fiber information.

Learning how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids by using these natural remedies for hemorrhoids will help you escape some of the pain and inconvenience associated with this problem.

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