Is Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Effective?

At Home Hemorrhoid Treatment can take many forms.

One of the foundational principles of effective treatment for any of the forms of hemorrhoids is that prevention is the very best treatment.

The most important thing that needs to be happening in your life to successfully overcome hemorrhoids is to change those habits and lifestyle choices that tend to cause problems and to make them worse.

I’m talking about inadequate fiber intake, lack of hydration, needless delay of a bowel movement when you get the urge, or straining to try to clear what you feel like isn’t coming fast enough.

All of these things can aggravate your condition and take it from bad to worse.

Unfortunately, for many of us there has not been enough prevention and the symptoms of hemorrhoids are starting to show up. Depending on how long it has taken for you to realize what you are dealing with, your symptoms may be making you a little nervous or even scaring you a little.

The sight of blood on your wipe when you use the restroom is somewhat unsettling. Now, all of a sudden you might be experiencing some anal leakage that you have never had before.

You may have a protrusion coming from inside the anus or you may be starting to feel some swollen lumpy tissue around the anal opening.

All of these are signs that hemorrhoids are starting to rear their ugly head, so to speak. They are usually some of the milder symptoms that can be experienced, but they are at very least annoying.

At this point it is still possible to get some effective relief using a home hemorrhoid treatment routine.

Short term relief for mild symptoms

Since constipation is a leading cause of excess pressure in the bowel, steps should be taken to eliminate it. This condition is most often described as infrequent bowel movements, but can also include some other issues.

It can also refer to decreased volume or weight of the stool, the need to strain to have a movement, a sense of not being completely evacuated, or dependence on suppositories, laxatives or enemas to accomplish a bowel movement.

On average, in America at least, our intake includes about 12 to 15 grams of dietary fiber per day. For correct bowel function to occur, 25- 30 grams of fiber and somewhere between 60-80 ounces of fluid are required.

This is probably the best home hemorrhoid treatment to start reversing the symptoms that appear when these things are out of balance. It is also a cornerstone lifestyle choice that will tend to keep you from having recurring problems.

When there is pain and itching involved

Addressing issues with constipation through increased fiber and liquid intake is a good first step toward prevention but it is a process that will take some time. If the symptoms are causing you discomfort now, it’s time to look for some immediate help.

This list of home hemorrhoid treatment ideas will start the relief:

1. Caffeine in the liquids you drink should be eliminated.

2. A bath in warm water will provide some relief and will help to keep the anal area clean, which is essential.

3. A soothing cream, ointments or suppositories may help to ease the pain and itchiness. Many of these contain a local anesthetic such as lidocaine, but prolonged use may make the problem worse due to increased sensitivity in the area where they are applied.

4. Witch Hazel dabbed on twice a day may help relieve itching.

5. The inside of a banana peel has been reported to help stop anal itching.

6. If these home hemorrhoid treatments don’t help you achieve some relief within a couple of weeks then it is time to move on to more aggressive treatment.

Ready do battle with hemorrhoids symptoms?

You can beat hemorrhoids symptoms with some help from trusted sources. have done your homework and feel pretty confident about what you are dealing with then you are probably ready to TAKE ACTION toward finding a hemorrhoid treatment solution.

What you don't need is to waste your valuable time filtering through all of the possible ways that can help you get relief.

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