A Good Hemorrhoids Diagram can help you understand

A good hemorrhoids diagram for visual learning

For some of us it is just plain easier to comprehend something we are trying to learn about if there is a picture or diagram to look at. A good diagram of the lower GI tract is a great tool to help a person understand a little more about what might be causing hemorrhoids.

hemorrhoids diagram

For starters here is a graphic of what a healthy rectum and anus should look like. You probably are wondering how you would know the difference if you have never seen your own insides.

We will get to that.

One of the things you should notice about the graphic is the representation of blood vessels in the area just above the anal opening and right at the opening.They are drawn as blue passageways.

When we are talking about hemorrhoids, we are by definition talking about blood because that is what hemorrhoids are. They are vascular structures inside the anal canal that help with the movement of stool through the canal.

hemorrhoids diagram

The hemorrhoids diagram above is tagged with some explanations of what the different parts of the rectum and anal canal are.

It also shows what happens as the blood vessels and tissues that make up the hemorrhoids begin to get pushed downward from the various types of pressure that get exerted on them by stool as it passes through the canal.

When tissue from an internal hemorrhoid begins to sag and fall down it is said to be prolapsing.

When the blood vessels around the outside of the anus become swollen due to thrombosis or clotting of the blood it is referred to as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

In this hemorrhoids diagram you can see the formation on an internal hemorrhoid beginning right at the pectinate line which is the line where the rectum transitions into the anus.

At the bottom of the graphic you see two different representations of the formation of external hemorrhoids. The cutaway to the right shows the swollen blood vessels at the anal opening that become thrombosed or clotted.

hemorrhoids diagram

These are just a few of the helpful hemorrhoids diagrams that can help you gain a better understanding of what is involved in the condition we call Hemorrhoids.

Video Overview of Hemorrhoid Formation

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