Hemorrhoid Removal Your Must-Know Guide

Occasionally, hemorrhoid removal may be required when all of the other options to cure hemorrhoids have been exhausted.

Then it will It come down to choosing a method to have hemorrhoids completely removed.

It should be noted that removal does not preclude the possibility of another eruption if other lifestyle changes are not made.

The first and best choice is always to try to eliminate hemorrhoids by making changes to lifestyle and diet as discussed here.

However, there are those situations which may require the removal of the hemorrhoid because of pre- existing conditions or where sufficient damage has been done to warrant the removal of the damaged tissue.

When the need for hemorrhoid removal arises it is good to know what the options are and how they might affect the sufferer.

As always when discussing hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoid removal method is going to vary depending on whether we are dealing with Internal Hemorrhoids or External Hemorrhoids.

Therapies for Internal Hemorrhoid Removal
that are office based.

These therapies will not be listed in any particular order

Rubber Band Ligation

Because internal hemorrhoids are by definition prolapsing or hanging down to some degree it is possible to use a tool called an anoscope to help place a rubber band at the base of the hemorrhoid.

This treatment can be used for hemorrhoids graded 1 and 2 and sometimes grade 3. (See grade list below.)

Grade 1: No prolapse

Grade 2: Prolapse that goes back in on its own

Grade 3: Prolapse that must be pushed back in by the patient

Grade 4: Prolapse that cannot be pushed back in (often very painful)

This will cut off the supply of blood to the hemorrhoid and within a period of 5-7 days it withers and falls off.

A small amount of bleeding may be noticed at this time. Your doctor may place several bands during a single visit but may require additional visits to address all of the symptoms.

There may be a dull pain or internal pressure associated with this procedure that is easily treated with Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Patients using blood thinning medications such as Coumadin,Heparin, or Plavix may not be suitable candidates for this type of procedure.

There is a very slight chance of complications with this procedure which might include bleeding, pain or infection among other things. Additional banding can be done if symptoms return but again lifestyle and dietary changes will greatly reduce that likelihood.

Infrared Photocoagulation

Commonly referred to as IRC, this procedure is also done through the anoscope and can be effective for prolapsing hemorrhoids graded 1 or 2 and possibly grade 3.

The IRC procedure makes use of infrared radiation emitted by a small light that is applied to the tissue of the hemorrhoid.

In essence the energy from the light is converted to heat which burns the tissue causing it to become inflamed, slough off, and then scar over, thereby eliminating it completely.

Other endoscopic methods use freezing or laser heat to do the same thing. There are seldom any complications from these procedures and they are quick and painless.

Several short sessions with your doctor may be required to achieve full relief of symptoms.


Another choice for office based hemorrhoid removal in less advanced cases of internal hemorrhoids graded at 1 or 2 is called sclerotherapy.

This procedure is based on the injection of chemical irritants into the tissue. Similar results to those achieved using IRC occur namely scarring, shrinkage and reduction of the blood vessels present in the inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue.

This process is also quick and relatively pain free with few complications. Repeated sessions may be needed to completely relieve symptoms.

After a consultation with your doctor this treatment is a good possibility for those who are using the blood thinners mentioned above in the section on rubber band ligation.

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