The Right External
Hemorrhoid Treatment
can bring you lasting relief!

An external hemorrhoid treatment that is simple and effective is what you really need right now.

You have suffered long enough with the itching, the pain, and the embarrassment. You want to get this situation eradicated and you want it done NOW!

I know how you feel. I have been in your shoes so to speak. Hemorrhoids are not a fun problem to have.

A solution is possible though and one of the keys to successfully overcoming this condition is to become a little better informed as to what causes hemorrhoids and how you can regain control over this frustrating condition.

The Good News is…

You may not think of it this way, but the good news about hemorrhoids is that everyone has them!

The only thing that differs from one person to the next is whether or not the symptoms of hemorrhoids they are suffering from involve inflamed hemorrhoids.

A critical part of the lower digestive tract of all of us is the rectum and the anal canal where bodily waste is expelled from the body.

All through this area of the digestive system are the veins and blood vessels that carry the blood and that help to control the movement of waste through this passageway.

These vascular structures are called hemorrhoids. So…everyone has hemorrhoids! You’re not alone!

Are you in or out?

Hemorrhoids fall into two main classifications and are referred to as either Internal or External.

They both have to do with the swelling and possibly the rupture of part of the veins and the associated presence of blood. Internal Hemorrhoids are confined to the inside of the rectum and often go undetected except for the presence of some blood and can even be painless.

It is possible that during the straining associated with bowel movement an internal hemorrhoid can be pushed out through the anal opening.

This is referred to as a prolapsed hemorrhoid and can be manifested with irritation and pain. External hemorrhoids (sometimes referred to as external piles)are present under the skin around the anus.

When they become inflamed or irritated they can be itchy and bleed.

There is the possibility that blood may pool in these areas and form a clot or thrombus resulting in increased swelling and inflammation as well as increased pain.

What caused the Flare-up?

The problem that arises with these common and necessary vascular structures called hemorrhoids that we all have in our bodies is that because there is blood involved there is the natural tendency of the body to be affected by the same things that happen in other parts of the body where blood flow is present.

Stress to the area of the anal canal and rectum is one of the biggest contributors to inflamed hemorrhoids and can be caused by a number of different things.

They might include: irregular bowel habits such as constipation or diarrhea, straining, obesity, prolonged sitting, pregnancy, lack of exercise and poor nutrition including low fiber intake. Even genetic tendencies and aging can be the cause of a flare up.

Don’t take anything for granted!

Although bleeding is probably the most common sign of hemorrhoids, the presence of blood in the area of the rectum should be treated as a serious symptom of some type of problem and a visit to a doctor is the only sure way to know what the origin of the bleeding is.

Hemorrhoids are not the only ailment where the presence of blood in the rectum is a symptom.


Ready do battle with hemorrhoids symptoms?

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